SOLIDARNOSC POLAND – letter supports Wisconsin Struggle

This letter wasdistributed in Medford Oregon at the local rally in solidarity with Wisconsin workers on Saturday Februaly 26, 2011; Letter copied in full below:

Solidarnosc National Commission, Poland

Independant and Self Governing Trade Union

80-855 Gdarisk ul. Waly Plastowskie 24

tel +48-58-308 4232

To Public  Service Workers in the State of Wisconsin

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On behalf of the 7,000,000members of the Polish Trade Union NSZZ “SOLIDARNOSC” (Solidarity) I wish to express our solidarity and support for your struggle against the recent assault on trade unisons and trade union rights unleashed by Governor Scott Walker.

We are witnessing yet another attempt of transferring the costs of the economic crisis and the failed financial policies to working people and their families, As much as some adjustments are necessary we can not and must not agree that the austerity measures are synonymous with union busting practices, the elimination of bargaining rights and the reduction of social benefits and wages.

Dear Friends, Please rest assured that our thoughts are with you during your protest, as we truly do hope that your fight for decent working and living conditions, for the workers’ rights will be successful. Your victory is our victory as well.


In Solidarity,

Piotr Duda



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lifetime activist for earth, people and peace; community organizer, grant writer, author, artist, visionary. Currently active in promoting truth in labeling on GMO food issues, resisting Monsanto, and advancing forest and watershed restoration in the biologically diverse Siskiyou Mountains region.
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